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The development trend of mobile connector

The mobile connector is the main force of the 0.4mm. In the height, the 0.4/0.5mm foot connector is the mainstream of the 1.5mm height, but the 0.4mm foot distance connector has turned to the high 0.9mm trend, and the 0.4mm foot high 0.8mm connector will soon develop to 0.4mm even smaller this year.

In terms of FPC connectors, there is a multiplying demand for connectors at 0.5mm and 0.3mm pins. Driven by small products such as mobile phone, DSC, DVC, PDA and so on, 0.25mm and 0.2mm foot distance connectors have been developed and produced. The demand of 0.9mm and 0.85mm high connectors has gradually become the mainstream of the market.

The development trend of the extremely thin coaxial connector is currently based on the 0.4mm foot distance, and the SMK has developed a high 1.4mm connector. Because of the extensive use of photographic functions on the mobile phone in recent years, the connection between the substrate and the liquid crystal part is more complex than the foldable cell phone, and the demand of the coaxial connector is available.

With the miniaturization of portable products such as mobile phones, the mainstream of FPC/FFC connector products has shifted to 0.3mm spacing, and suppliers are turning to this area.